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May 9, 2014

Happy Friday + link love

1. I'm seriously in love with A.J. Morgan sunglasses. They're all $24 and the styles are just so on point. They carry them at Nordstrom, which is dangerous since I have other reasons (excuses?) to head there this weekend anyway. Here are some of my favorites:

2. You've probably already seen this video of a hamster eating tiny burritos. If not, then get ready for your daily dose of cuteness! I can't even with how adorable this is. You must watch!

3. My obsession with ripped denim continues and I just can't get enough of these black skinnies from rag & bone. In my head I've already come up with a handful of ways to make them work during the summer and every other season, so I should probably just buy them, right? They're classics, after all.

4. In honor of Mother's Day on Sunday, Refinery 29 put together a slideshow of the most cringe-worthy mother/daughter duos. Of course, it wouldn't be complete without Regina George and Olivia Pope!

5. Last week I wrote about wanting to try the gladiator sandal trend. This week I actually ordered a pair! They haven't arrived yet, but after seeing how fab they look on fellow blogger Abbey, who is petite like me, I couldn't help but at least give them a shot! I went with the "Sequoia" from JustFab (if you're not already a member, sign up here) and can't wait for them to arrive. And, of course, I'll be sure to let you know the verdict.

Have a wonderful weekend! I hope you're all able to spend it with your mamas!



  1. Those red AJ Morgan sunglasses are so cute. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Thank you so much for linking! I am glad you love the shoes. How great is JustFab?


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