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April 4, 2014

April Purse Pick: Jacky & Celine

I've been really drawn to some budget-busting purses over the last few months (I'm talking about you, Coach and Michael Kors), so for April I wanted to bring it back to something super affordable that won't have you wondering how you're going to pay your rent. You're welcome.

Enter this super simple but chic satchel by Jacky & Celine. I'd actually never heard of them until I stumbled on this bag. Which of course led to Googling their brand and searching to see what their other pieces look like. Turns out, I really like what they have to offer and the price point doesn't offend my bank account -- always a win!

I liked this particular bag for a few reasons, one major one being that it's black and white and goes with everything. While the design is basic, I think the details give it a very high-end look. And I'm probably a broken record when it comes to talking about how I like my purses to be versatile, but this one has so much potential. I could easily see it as my summer catch all for schlepping around the streets of D.C. or paired with a breezy maxi while vacationing on a tropical island (I wish). And at less than $70, it's a total steal!

Have a wonderful weekend!


1 comment:

  1. Love the shape and details.



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