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March 13, 2014

AllyCog on Instagram

I feel like life for the past month has been a whole lot of getting my house in order -- figuratively and literally. There's been a lot of very unglamorous packing and unpacking, days spent in sweatpants and no makeup, and, most recently, a kitchen renovation that left our refrigerator in our living room and the contents of our cabinets on the dining room floor for two days. But in an effort to not leave you guys hanging, here's a glimpse into some of my favorite Instagram shots as of late -- moving boxes not included ;)

1. Cozying up with hot chocolate during the last snowstorm. (Told you there were sweatpants!)
2. Still obsessing over this cobalt and oxblood combo. See the full outfit post here and how I wore it in warmer weather here.
3. Couldn't believe my eyes when I found this Lanvin coat at the Gilt City Warehouse Sale. It was the most gorgeous dark gray cocoon coat with metal trim around the collar. It hurt my heart to pass it up and hope it found a great home!
4. How stunning are these lucite and crystal earrings soon-to-be available from Capwell + Co?! Statement earrings are huge for Spring and I'm absolutely loving this pair.
5. The taste of warm weather we had has me so eager for Spring! This GiGi New York clutch and my mirrored aviators are sure to be staples once the temperatures steady out!
6. Never thought I'd be a fan of this oval/pointy nail trend, but I'm actually kinda loving it! And a pretty pastel color makes it even better.
7. Even though I still feel unorganized, I've still made a point to keep flowers on my coffee table to brighten my day.
8. I wrote about my obsession with mules for Spring in this post, and snatched up these lovelies for a steal recently. If you wear a size 6 you can still snag them!

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  1. Totally obsessed with mules right now too! : )


  2. Moving is never fun and kitchen renovations seem fun until you're sick of takeout! Good luck getting organized.



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