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February 4, 2014

Tuesday Temptations: Fashion Week FOMO

Tuesday Temptations: NYFW

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New York Fashion Week starts on Thursday and, sadly, I'm sitting this season out. The timing of moving into our new place happened to fall on the same weekend, and as much as I'd love to be running around NYC with my favorite blogger ladies, I don't think the husband would appreciate having to pack up our life by himself for the trek across town. There's also the whole being pregnant thing, which doesn't really mesh well with the whole no sleep, eat when/if you can, and try not to trip in the snow in your heels thing. Long story short, I'm experiencing a serious case of FOMO and will be glued to my Instagram for the next week as I waver between cursing under my breath to wiping a tear or two from my iPhone screen.

But just because I'm not going doesn't mean I can't daydream about the fabulous pieces I'd have loved to bring with me. And hey, maybe I'll drown my sorrows in an online shopping sesh or two to ease said FOMO. I'm particularly fond of that coat, and since another storm is on its way it'd be ideal. Or that striped dress, because it's just. too. good!



  1. You're not alone - I'm missing out this time too so I can focus on getting healthy. I'll be living vicariously through everyone else's pictures for sure :)


  2. I'll be right there with you. Well, minus the pregnancy and moving part. And that skirt is absolutely stunning! Such a great find.


  3. Loveeee these picks -- serious serious fomo this season, but at least we'll be enjoying the indoors while everyone else is running around in the cold in heels :)

    xo, Liz
    {What Dress Code?}

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