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January 17, 2014

Happy weekend + link love

1. Can we talk about round sunglasses for a sec? I walked past a display earlier this week and stopped to browse slash try on (of course). What did I gravitate towards immediately? A round pair. Now, I don't know if it's the hormones or what, but this is not usually my go-to style. But maybe, just maybe, I should give them a try? Below are some cute pairs I'd consider if I decide to dabble in this trend:

2. Refinery29 recently took the time to remind us that leggings are. not. pants. It's the perfect time for it, too. It is Ugg-wearing season, after all, and you can bet that on college campuses everywhere there are girls rocking them along with their leggings while their North Face fails to cover their entire posterior. Fortunately, they included 9 inspiring outfits -- all of which are bum-concealing.

3. Did you know this past Wednesday was National Hat Day? Neither did I. But somehow I managed to celebrate the day of AND the day after with hats in two of this week's outfit posts. In case you missed anything, check them out here and here.

4. Speaking of hats, I think this beanie is the next to be added to my collection (I'm really trying to stock up, you know?). And at that price, I'll take one in every color! The baby blue one would be especially perfect for the transition to spring.

5. I loved this article on How to Name a Baby...for obvious reasons. Even if you're not even close to having kids and the thought of it gives you hives, you probably have friends with children and it's a fun/funny read! My take: naming another human being is le stressful.

6. I caved and bought these, they're arriving today, and I'm pretty sure they're going to be one of the best purchases ever.

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. "naming another human being is le stressful." hahahaha, definitely a big Amen to that! I'm not even close to having kids and naming future kids is stressing me out already.


  2. I literally stopped my 6yo this morning because she was wearing leggings and no bum-covering tunic or dress. I'm starting early, and won't hear any discussion about it.


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