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January 10, 2014

Happy Friday + link love

1. Forever 21 recently released a small, exclusive collection of boots and booties made from real leather! They range from $49-79, a bit pricier than their normal footwear, but I'm totally loving it! I adore these cutout booties (which also come in animal print...drool) and would love to have this woven pair as the seasons transition!

2. Didn't Mr. Higgings from My Fair Lady have the coolest job? Studying dialects! So it's no surprise I had a blast taking this dialect test from the New York Times. In 25 questions ranging from how you pronounce words to the names you have for certain things, it can identify which parts of the country have influenced your speech...and it's pretty accurate! My results were Yonkers, Paterson, Newark an Philadelphia, which is dead on!

3. We're signing the lease for a new place next week and I'm already in redecorating mode! I had no idea what I was doing the first time around -- and, truth be told, still feel like I'm clueless -- but I definitely have a better sense of what I want our space to look like (see my inspiration here). It's a slow process for me, but I'm so excited at the chance to make some changes. Of course, I'm loving anything and everything from Target. Nate Berkus killed it once again (want this, this and this) and the neutral decor of the Threshold collection is right up my alley! Especially these pillows!

4. Speaking of moving, the reason we're relocating is obviously because of our soon-to-be addition. And while I told you this won't turn into a pregnancy/mommy blog, I did want to share this workout. I used to mostly just do cardio at the gym, but you have to keep your heart rate too a certain level while preggo, so I've cut back my time/intensity on the elliptical. This plan mixes it up and works different muscle groups, but still provides structure. It's also great if you're not pregnant! And since there are so many gym New Years resolutions, I thought I'd share in case it'll help motivate you ;)

Have a wonderful weekend!


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