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December 3, 2013

Gift Guide: Under $150

Gift Guide: Under $150

I hope you have a little bit of money left over from Black Friday and Cyber Monday because today's gift guide is all about splurging a little. Plus, I figure that the closer we get to Christmas the more broke we'll all be/the bigger discounts we'll be seeking. So let's go big early, shall we?

Everything here is under $150 -- which still isn't breaking the bank too much -- and would make a great "bigger" gift for that special someone in your life. Out of the items on this list, my favorite gift for her would have to be the Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet. I've been making due with a half broken one from Target that doesn't close if I stuff it with too much change, so I might be biased, though. Plus, it's on sale.

As for the manly side, I legit want to get my husband all of these things. Particularly the USB cufflinks. If he wore French cuff shirts more than a few times a year, they'd already be a part of his wardrobe. Hello, James Bond status.


1 comment:

  1. Hunter Boots are an A+++ gift! I love mine so much!



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