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December 5, 2013

Fall/winter trend: Beanies

All images via Pinterest

I've mentioned before that I'm pretty notorious for buying hats and then never wearing them. At least I was when I was younger. But there was one style I always loved and wore without fail: the beanie. Okay, I might've been in snow gear and the extra warmth was probably forced upon me by my mom, but it was one accessory I didn't mind wearing. As I got older I started donning them more and more because I actually liked them.

Fast forward to adult life and a few seasons ago when beanies came down the runway in a ton of the fall and winter collections. I was wondering if -- and secretly hoping -- the trend would catch on. And now, here we are barreling full steam ahead into winter and they're popping up everywhere!

Above is some of my favorite inspiration as to how to wear a few different styles and colors. I'm definitely interested in experimenting with hues like cobalt blue, though I tend to play it safe and stick with my classic black slouchy one!


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