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October 25, 2013

Happy weekend + link love

Friday is finally here, friends! We're taking a mini road trip to Ohio this weekend for a wedding and, I have to admit, I'm actually kind of excited for the drive. We'll be driving through some pretty rural parts of Maryland and western Pennsylvania so I'm hoping to take in some of the fall folliage. And maybe take a few outfit pictures along the way ;)

1. I've been getting a lot of questions about the shoes in yesterday's post! You can find them here, but there are only a few random sizes left. I love these and these for a similar look and a great price!

2. We have a ton of plain white mugs (because what other kind of everyday china are you going to register for when you have no idea what your apartment will look like?) and I'm thinking I might have to spare a few for this DIY project! It seems super quick and easy, and you can get as creative as your little heart desires. Plus, who doesn't love white and gold?

3. For some reason, I keep forgetting that it's almost Halloween! And since I tend to air on the side of cute rather than super scary, these ghost marshmallows (made simply using a food marker) are right up my alley. They're so adorable and would be great for a small get together. Or, if you're like me, you'd probably make them for yourself on a random weeknight just for a laugh.

4. I've been trying to keep my shopping under control, but I did recently pick up a few great fall pieces that I've had my eye on. First, I was in need of a new flannel and am absolutely in love with this one from American Eagle! I got the red and blue buffalo plaid print and have been wearing it non-stop. A cozy tribal print cardigan has also been on my list and I was literally stopped in my tracks when walking past Aeropostale and spotted this baby. It's so soft and I've loved dressing it up and down! Side note: I haven't shopped at either of these stores since my very early college days, so it's funny to have hit both of them in one weekend!

5. Don't forget to enter my giveaway for your chance to win a planner by Brittany Fuson! Her fashion drawings are absolutely amazing and I promise you'll be as obsessed as I am. Check out some of her work here.

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Have a great weekend in Ohio! I just drove to Kentucky last week through western MD and WV and the foliage was breathtaking. Should be even better this week.


  2. I've actually had good luck with American Eagle flannel in the past too -- that just seems to fit so well with their aesthetic so they never fail me!

    xo, Liz
    {What Dress Code?}

  3. Where can I find that white sweater in the picture? It is gorgeous


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