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June 21, 2013

Purse Picks: Tropical

Purse Picks: Tropical

Happy first day of summer everyone! To celebrate, I rounded up some tropical clutches that ooze sun, sand and warm weather. Even if the nearest beach is hundreds of miles away, these are the perfect way to get a little slice of paradise in your daily life!

Side note: I love that tropical and palm tree prints have made their way into mainstream fashion. However, they're a little too overwhelming for this gal when it comes to wearing them on my clothes (even though I love the look on others!). Which is why I'm so happy to have found all these!

My favorite has to be the one by Nila Anthony. It's probably the most subdued out of all of the patterns, but I really love its boxy structure, gold trim and lucite clasp - so classy! The brushstroke-like pattern on the Urban Outfitters clutch runs a close second, though. It's also a little bigger, which is always a huge plus for me since I tend to stuff my purses/clutches with more items than is humanly possible. Oh, and it's on major sale!

Happy weekend!



  1. Love all of these since I have a major obsession with all things tropical right now! I agree that first one is my fave too :)


  2. Ahh loving all these prints! The Kate Spade one is my fav! So cute!
    Happy weekend my friend! : )



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