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June 14, 2013

Purse Picks: High end

Purse Picks: Splurge

I know that the goal of this blog has always been to showcase great finds that are affordable -- aka items that are priced within my budget and that I'd actually buy personally -- but who doesn't love to do a little window shopping every now and then? I mean...I know I can't be the only one who purposely parks in the same department store entrance every time I head to the mall just so I can walk by the designer shoes and bags!

So since it's been a while since we last chatted about the purses I want but can't afford (see my last roundup here), I figured why not indulge a bit today! It's also not to say that I won't save up and splurge on one of these bad boys some day. And by some day I mean a very long time from now when my student loans are paid off ;)

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. The prada bag is amazing! Right now I'm using a dolce & gabanna bag that is 4 summers and very dirty! I got it from a lil vendor in georgetown... I need to go back!

  2. I hear ya! When my student loans are paid off...probably when I'm 50 lol. Oh to be you f again so I wouldn't have taken out all those loans. ; ) Great picks, happy Friday!

  3. Oh man! What great picks! I love that Prada bag so much! And yes, every girl deserves to dream, right?

    Have a fab weekend!


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