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May 7, 2013

Tuesday Temptations: Not-so-boring bottoms

Tuesday Temptations: Bottoms up

The bottom half of my wardrobe has been looking a little sad lately. Black pants, solid colors - you know...the "safe" stuff. It's okay to admit if you're finding yourself in the same situation. No judgment is passed here. Especially since I have a feeling these printed and patterned pieces are the swift kick in the pants (pun intended) we need!

Any of these will take your basic blouses and tops to the next level without a ton of effort. Boring black pencil skirt? Psssshhhh! Who needs that when you can wear that mint green peplum number? And I'm sure you've been wearing the heck out of your floral print blouse. But I bet you haven't paired it with that those window pane pants, have you? That's what I thought.

Really all that's left to decide - and I'm including myself in this - is how much of your May shopping budget do you want to part with this early in the month. Hint: All of it is a completely acceptable answer!



  1. The top left skirt with stripes is so breezy and wonderful! It makes me want to picnic.

  2. LOVE the black and white striped skirt. Perfect balance of fun and professional, while still being on-point for this spring's trends! Thanks!

    xoxo -j

  3. STOP IT! Love these bottoms!! Those pants are amazing...I'll take one of each!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  4. I LOOVEEE those floral pants! Too freaking cute.. need those now!
    Happy Tuesday friend!! : )


  5. is it bad that my favorite piece is the forever 21 striped skirt?! love it...


  6. I have been looking for more exciting skirts lately-- but you ask a great question: how much of your budget are you willing to part with for fun bottoms? While I would love to spend 100% of it.. I just can't. I feel like I need to save money for other necessary items as well: you know, nail polish, necklaces, etc. Ha. Love these patterns!

  7. I've noticed that the bottom half of my wardrobe always suffers more than the top half. I wonder why that is? I think it's because I hate trying on pants. ;)


    Jules of Canines & Couture

  8. Such vibrant picks! Especially loving the floral and graphic accents, need to infuse my prints into my spring wardrobe!

    xo, Liz

  9. Shut the front door! I love the b&w striped skirt, obvi. I need some fun bottoms in my closet!



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