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January 31, 2013

The next best thing

All images via Pinterest

I had every intention of publishing an outfit post today, but was sidelined with a pretty bad migraine all day yesterday. I'm not sure what triggered it (maybe it was the change from 20 degree temperatures to 70), but it kinda knocked me on my butt. And since you probably don't want to see me in my boring pajamas, I figured some people wearing actual cute outfits - ones that don't involve Victoria's Secret Pink sweats - might do the trick!

Do any of you guys get migraines? How do you deal with them? Any tips, tricks or remedies are welcome :)


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  1. I do get migraines. I take my meds. sit in a dark room and then drink lots of water (although sometime caffiene helps).


  2. Oh girl - I'm so sorry to hear this...migraines are the WORST! I used to get them so bad when I was in college that I had a prescription my doctor gave me to take when I felt one coming on + it would keep it from becoming full-blown. Hope you feel better soon! :(


  3. Great images! I am currently in the same boat as you with a very bad migraine. I take Excedrin migraine, wear my sunglasses at work and sort of look like the walking dead until it goes away. :( I know how much they suck and I hope you feel better! xo

  4. Gah, I get migraines all too often, such a downer - on t he plus side these looks are amazing Xo Megan, www.TfDiaries.com

  5. Haha i love all these outfits you posted - but feel better!

    Off Kelly's Hanger

  6. my sister has chronic migraines. even though she is on daily medication for them, she still gets them a few times a month. on those days, she swears by V8 fusions (she usually gets them when her nutrition isn't the best), cheese & crackers, and excedrin migraine. Hope it helps you!


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