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December 7, 2012

Purse Picks: Winter white

Purse Picks: Winter whites

Shop each purse below

I'm pretty sure most of us have moved past the whole "no white after Labor Day" thing, but in case not, I'm pretty sure that's why winter white was invented. It's truly one of my favorite fashion loopholes. It also reminds me of how crisp and perfect everything looks after that first snow fall, which may be one of my favorite things ever.

And while I would highly recommend dressing in this color from head to toe (I mean, hello snow goddess!), some may want to take a more subtle approach with one of these purses. A winter white bag is a nice change from all the black and brown ones we see, and would look amazing against a red, green or even cobalt blue coat. An added bonus: you'll be ready to go once spring rolls around and can pair it with the fabulous pastels. Bam!

Happy weekend!



  1. Obviously, I love this post - I've been debating that quilted one since I saw it in the store...it is actually a really nice quality in person :)


  2. I would say the one in the middle is calling my name, LOL!
    Now following you on Twitter!


  3. The "shop each purse" widget isn't showing up for me, but I love the bottom right purse - where is it from?

    1. The widget should be working again...but in case it's not, here's the link:


      It's actually from Forever 21! And only $28!

      XO, Alison


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