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October 9, 2012

Tuesday Temptations: Forever 21

Tuesday Temptations: F21

Forever 21 has long been my go-to for trendy pieces when I need to do some guilt-free impulse shopping. Although given how many items I could purchase from there right now, it would be far from guilt free. Can you really blame me, though? They're seriously killing it lately - especially in the accessories department!

But in a rare moment of self control, I've decided to suppress my urge to shop and simply share part of my wish list here.

Though I may or may not have purchased that black studded purse yesterday when they were offering free shipping. Just sayin'.

Click below to shop each piece:



  1. That studded purse is fabulous! I couldn't control myself and I placed an order yesterday, free shipping was very tempting.

  2. Girl - we are so much alike! I also got that cape yesterday during their free shipping offer :)


  3. I love that heart sweater! Very Marc Jacobs-esque! :) Great wish list.

  4. Love all of these.. I'm tempted too! Thanks for sharing, I love reading your blog!

    xo, Christina


  5. Ohh loving the faux leather skirt and that cape!! Forever 21 is definitely great for trendy pieces. I just picked up an Oxblood bag from them, after seeing it in one of your posts :)

  6. I love F21 and I have a bunch of gift cards I need to use! These picks are fabulous! I especially love that purse and that faux fur longline vest! Love! xo
    Best, M.

  7. I love that heart sweater and pleated skirt! I have a hard time saying no to F21 they have great pieces of clothes at such affordable prices!


  8. Forever 21 jewelry is super cute and super tempting! I admire your self-control!

    - k


  9. F21 is my favorite store!! Just bough the green fur vest last week, it looks amazing on!! So glad you did a post with affordable finds XO

    demureindiamonds.blogspot.com :-)


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