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March 13, 2012

Tuesday Temptations : Tribal

Tuesday Temptations

You already know that tribal prints are popping up everywhere this spring (as I mentioned here). And when I was going through some items I had "hearted" on Currently Obsessed (don't forget to stalk me!), I started to notice a pattern. Literally!

The pieces above are a combination of Aztec, tribal and southwestern, but they all share a similar look thanks to the geometric shapes. And since pattern mixing is hugely popular at the moment, I love the idea of how a lot of these pieces would go with other prints. Or if you're into a more basic look, any of these would be the perfect statement piece to an otherwise simple outfit. I mean, that bag and those flats? Hello!

What do you think? Are you feeling the Aztec print?


P.S. You can see these items and everything else I'm currently loving by stalking me on Currently Obsessed!


  1. I recently did a post on tribal accessories, but I am loving these pieces...especially that skirt (I die)! :)


  2. That skirt and bag need to be mine. I love the tribal look. Esp when I am tan. Guh can't wait until summer.

  3. Hi, I will take 3,4, & 5 please :)

    Love this! Great post lovey!


  4. Those shoes are rad.

    -Catherine (your newest follower)


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