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March 15, 2012

Recent Pinspiration

I have been on a pinning roll lately! Everywhere I look I seem to be finding inspiration and BAM! It goes right on my Pinterest before I forget how much I love it and where to find it again.

From outfit ideas to DIY projects to home decor and organization, I've been getting lots of great ideas from these here interwebs! And just in case you aren't following me on Pinterest - ahem - here are a few pictures I'm currently loving:

What's inspiring you lately?


P.S. Serious bonus points for anyone who can identify that YSL lipstick! I think it's "Impetuous Beige" but I'm not sure and need it baaaad!


  1. Yes! That YSL is gorgeous. Loving all these pics. The corks? So clever, and have pinned a few others, too. Amazing inspiration!

  2. Love the pastels in the first picture and OMG, that braid is insane! :)


  3. I am swooned. I want to be a cool hipster!


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