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January 26, 2012

Recent pin-spiration : My go-to

Sometimes I have to consciously stop myself from wearing blazers over slouchy t-shirts with jeans. It's by far the look that's most "me." And while I'm all about trying new things and stepping outside your comfort zone, sometimes you just have to go with what works. So today, I'm indulging my instincts and sharing some "pin-spiration" that includes many varieties of my go-to combo.

All photos are from my Pinterest

What's your go-to outfit that makes you feel most like yourself?



  1. Definitely a great no-think, chic look.

    Since it has been so cold out lately, I've been going for a big slouchy sweater & a maxi.


  2. Oh my goodness, I LOVE that beige blazer with the glitter on it! You MUST find a similar version!


  3. What's the policy on skinny jeans and those booties? Do you tuck the jean/jegging into the bootie, leave it scrunched, aim for ankle-length? I never know.

    1. Good question! I think it depends on the shoe. If it's an ankle boot, I tend to cuff my jeans and let a little bit of my ankle peek out. If the boot comes up past my ankle, I would say tuck the skinny jeans in. But the girl with the boyfriend jeans and dalmatian boots has hers over and cuffed and it still looks great! All depends on your style :)

  4. Love these pins! I'm a fan of the jeans with blazers...


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