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January 18, 2012

Recent Happenings

1. Celebrating a friends birthday with some bubbly.
2. New goodies from Send the Trend. Thanks Bloggers Night Out! ;)
3. Pretty lights on the trees in Old Town Alexandria.
4. Taco and wine night at home. Yum!
5. Watching the playoff games with the hubs.
6. Another gorgeous maxi skirt from Old Navy. Because one just isn't enough!
7. Nail polish organization.
8. My New York Giants are heading to the NFC Championship this weekend. Let's go G-Men!

All photos are from my Instagram. You can download the app on your iPhone (my username is allycog) or follow me here!



  1. There's the fabulous Old Navy find. and ohh Nail polish, I am so obsessed too!


  2. Love seeing these snapshots! And obvi, love the Old Navy!

  3. That snap of you and the hubby is adorbs ;)


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