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January 12, 2012

Before and after

By now, you may have already noticed that Chain Strap Purse looks a little bit different than it did yesterday.

I've been wanting a redesign for longer than I can tell you and I'm so excited to finally have made the change! I'm beyond fortunate to have a husband who knows what he's doing when it comes to Photoshop, HTML coding and all things website-y. So not my forte. He also has an incredible amount of patience and should be sainted for the miracles he performs when it comes to putting up with my indecisiveness/perfectionism/pickiness/etc.

While most things are in place, I'd be lying if I said there wouldn't be little improvements here and there as I get used to the new look. I may even end up revamping completely again in a few months. Who knows!


...and after

So, there it is! What do you think? I always appreciate thoughts/suggestions!



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