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December 2, 2011

Purse Picks: Felt

You may remember seeing this bag in my Tuesday Temptations not too long ago. It's making a reappearance here today because I just can't help but think this is the perfect winter bag! I'm known to carry around a lot of stuff, and this is big enough to fit all of it without a problem. I also love that the felt detail makes it seasonally appropriate for both work and weekend.

Speaking of weekend, what are you all up to? For the first time in what seems like months, the hubs and I don't have any set plans. I'm hoping to sleep in a bit, finish up my Christmas shopping (I'm never done this early!), see the new "Muppets" movie and wrap presents while watching football on Sunday!

Happy weekend! XOXO

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  1. That is SHARP Alison! I saw one at Talbots but I think this one is badder. HAHAHA Have a great weekend girl! :D

  2. Ahh, I love this bag!!

    xo Ashleigh



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