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November 18, 2011

Guest post: Surviving a D.C. winter

I'm so excited to have one of my favorite D.C. bloggers, Lacey from A Lacey Perspective, guest posting today. I mean it, I have hooked. You. Up! She seriously knows her stuff and is leading the charge for D.C. fashion. She's also successfully made it through numerous winters in the city (including Snowmageddon), so I asked her to share her cold weather essentials. Enjoy! - Alison

Weekend Winter Wear (CSP Guest Post)

Click here for Polyvore set.

Hello lovely CSP lovers! I am Lacey from A Lacey Perspective. I remember the first time I moved north (hey D.C. is north from me, I'm from Texas), so I learned very quickly how to survive the cold winter that D.C. bestows upon us. When Alison asked me to help her get herself fashionably ready for a snowpocalypse, I was happy to oblige.

To combat the weather on the weekend without sacrificing style, I suggest a take on a summer look with a winter twist. Shorts and a comfortable top, but this time think layers - lots and lots of layers. Tights, long knit socks and rain boots are a must to survive the wet (not very fluffy and pretty) snow D.C. gets.

The reason I chose a cross-body bag is so that you can easy put your furry glove-clad hands in your pockets for warmth. Also, don't forget to toss on a large floppy wool hat to protect your beautiful auburn locks from the snow flakes.

Hope this helps you get ready for D.C.'s winter wonderland, Alison!



  1. Hey Lacey! Hey Alison! I love the incorporation of COLOR into your winter wardrobe. I am such a fan of orange, that I'm ecstatic to see it here. Love this inspiration board. Hope you ladies are having a wonderful weekend. :)

  2. Wasn't today drizzly and horrible?? Great outfit idea for today's weather.



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