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September 7, 2011

Being domestic

Vincent and I had a fabulously relaxing weekend which consisted mostly of him playing Madden 2012 (ugh, boys) and me making things - both edible and wearable.

He had a hankering for slow-cooked chili...

...with cornbread...obvi...

And I had mentioned that I was interested in trying a zucchini bread recipe...

In my spare time (not!), I began the labor of love otherwise known as the making of homemade limoncello. Ah-mazing and oh so Italian:

Yeah. It should be ready by Thanksgiving. (AKA not soon enough.)

I was also determined to get a little crafty and try making my own friendship bracelets, which are wildly popular this fall.

I started with the traditional tutorial I found on Honestly WTF, but was so intrigued by the other that involved hex nuts, I bought a few of those as well. It. Was. So. Fun. And there is something super therapeutic about spending the time making your own jewelry and then being able to proudly show it off!

The hex nut bracelet was the easier of the two and I'm totally obsessed with how it came out. I might just buy every color of twine Michaels has to offer. And though I'm not sure, I have a sneaking suspicion the people in Home Depot are judging me. Hey!! I could totally be doing housework with these hex nuts! Or not.

What did you do over the long weekend?

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  1. I have been dying to get a crock pot!!

    xoxo bun.

  2. Nice bracelets - I've been loving these DIY projects myself!! You should do my Friendship Bracelet Blogger Swap - http://chasingdavies.blogspot.com/2011/09/here-we-go-again-friendship-bracelet.html

    Meggy from Chasing Davies

  3. i love the bracelets you've made! xx

  4. very cool. i love honestly_wtf and always want to make the DIY bracelets.
    sounds like a nice weekend!

  5. LOVE how the bracelet turned out! now i just need to get my supplies and make one myself!


  6. yay! thanks for sharing this! i am definitely going to try it out. x




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