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August 30, 2011

The hunt(er) is over

 Hunter Original Short Gloss rain boots in "graphite." Buy here.

After posting this on Friday, I finally gave in......and lookie here what came yesterday! Oh how I love Zappos and their free next business day shipping.

Clearly I missed the boat in terms of prime rain boot wearing weather, as the hurricane ripped through last weekend and the forecast for the next week is sitting pretty in the 80s with abundant sunshine. This is not a complaint, especially since I will be incredibly sad to see the warm weather end. However, if we happen to get a rainy day sooner rather than later, I look forward to being fully prepared!

(Side note: I went with the short boots rather than the original tall ones since, well...I'm short! These hit exactly where I want them to on my shins and, unlike the other ones, I can actually wear them with a skirt or shorts and not look like half my leg has been swallowed up by some rubber monster.)

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Photo credit: Me.


  1. I love that gray color! It never occurred to me there are a shorter version. Would you mind posting a pic of them on? I'm 5'5 and I always have a problem of sitting down in boots because rise up behind my knees and it's awfully uncomfortable! XX

  2. love hunter boots! i have a great pair of polo rain boots, so i've been abstaining, so far, but may have to give in for fall.



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