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July 18, 2011

Can't shoot the whiskey

I don't particularly care for whiskey. I think part of it is a guy thing (though not always), and I have a serious respect for any girl who can, as Carrie Underwood said and the title of this post reads, "shoot the whiskey." But as a city girl at heart, I'd much rather be swirling, sniffing and checking out the legs on a glass of pinot grigio.

Still, one of the things I love most about D.C. is the sheer number of once in a lifetime/random events you can find yourself at - such as the whiskey tasting Vincent and I attended with Jack Daniel's master distiller Jeff Arnett.

I tried my best to avoid insulting him (and everyone else there who actually liked whiskey) by scrunching up my nose too much throughout the sampling of Gentleman Jack, Old No. 7, and Single Barrel.


We were also given a taste of Jack Daniel's "Presidential," a special whiskey that was barreled during the 2008 election and will be auctioned off for charity at the end of the term. Besides the distillery employees, we were the first to sample it (okay, that's kinda cool). Of course, the tiny souvenir snifter glass was my favorite part.

Though I made a point of trying each sample, it turned into more of a photoshoot for me (the light was awesome!). But I'm still proud to say that I feel like I can simultaneously add and cross off whiskey tasting from my bucket list.


Photo credit: Me

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