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November 18, 2010

Google takes on/over the world of fashion

Do you ever feel like Google is slowly taking over the world? If you do, you're not alone. But considering how much I adore Gmail (as well as Google Reader, where all of the fabulous blogs I follow are organized), I'm kind of OK with the notion.

Anyway, it was only a matter of time until Google's long-reaching arm found its way into the world of fashion. Yesterday, they closed the gap with the launch of their fashion site Boutiques.com.

The most basic premise of Boutiques.com is that it lets you browse some of the best designers (a la sites like Net-a-Porter and Singer22) all in one place. But Google never does anything on a small scale.

Its distinguishing feature lies in the option to take the styler quiz which pinpoints your personal style. After answering questions about your favorite colors, silhouettes, designers, and even shoe styles, Boutiques.com offers an extensive list of the things it thinks you'd purchase based on your answers. The personalization continues with the ability to "love" or "hate" any selection that's made for you and the option to change your style if you think they got it wrong.

If you'd rather not pigeon hole yourself into a certain style but are inspired by certain celebrities, there is an ever-growing list of Hollywood's best dressed and the clothing they've either worn or are likely to wear. Browse boho pieces from Nicole Richie's look or opt for classic and sophisticated like Olivia Palermo. There are even pieces/looks inspired by well known fashion bloggers which, if you ask me, is slightly awesome.

You also have the option of searching solely by designer, including favorites like Free People, True Religion, rag & bone, Tory Burch, and Rachel Roy.

All in all, Boutiques.com is definitely worth a look. Its options for customization are by far the features that set it apart since it can make your life much easier when it comes to picking out things you'd actually purchase. That being said, I can certainly see where there is room for improvement in terms of the featured celebrities as well as available brands.

Have you checked out Google's Boutiques.com yet? What do you think?


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