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October 21, 2010

Where have you been all my (working) life?

You've no doubt heard the phrase "where have you been all my life?" And today, I ask that question to skinny black dress pants as related to my working life.

If you work in an office environment (as I do), you're probably all too familiar with the nagging task of picking out what to wear each day. You have your go-to pieces that serve as the foundation for many of the outfits you put together - especially when you have no idea what to wear. But sometimes you get bored.

These are the perfect alternative to black pencil skirts and standard boot cut pants since they still allow you to look sleek, put together, and stylish. Added bonus: you're better able to show off which ever pair of amazing heels you're wearing if you opt for a cropped pair or ones that hit right at the ankle. (Remember, tailoring is key).

What I truly love is that they're so versatile. Thus, they're ideal for those days when you spend what feels like hours staring into the dark abyss otherwise known as your closet. Regardless of your mood, you can use these as the starting point for the rest of your look. Tap into the menswear trend with a pair of oxfords and a crisp white blouse. Or go girly with a flowy silk blouse and killer stilettos. 

If you're interested, the Gap is a great starting point for a variety of styles (such as the ones in the middle picture above) at affordable price points.


Photo credits: Bloomingdales.com, KennethCole.com, Gap.com.

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