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September 27, 2010

Puddle jumping in style

Every time it rains I regret my choice of footwear for the day. Somehow I am able to convince myself over and over that if I'm careful, I'll manage to stay dry in strappy heels or peep-toe pumps. These are also the days when I swear I'm going to invest in a pair of rain boots.

Hunter Original Rain Boots
I've certainly tried to buy a pair in the past, but each time my plans have been derailed by the patterns and colors I'm bombarded with. I personally prefer a more sophisticated rain boot, as opposed to something that resembles what I wore in elementary school.

That being said, I'm not sure how it's taken me this long to discover Hunter rain boots. They're available in a variety of normal, solid colors (though they do have bright shades to choose from) and are perfect for wearing with a pair of skinny jeans or on the walk to work while your heels are safely tucked away, out of the rain.

The $125 price tag is a bit offsetting, but rain boots are the type of thing to splurge on simply because they'll last forever. I will definitely be adding these to my wardrobe in the next few weeks!


Photo credit: Zappos.com.

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